There are times when a strange dichotomy starts dictating your life. The thin grey area stops existing altogether. Something is either wrong, or right. But you never quite get to label your decisions and brand them as the correct one. You cant salvage even a sliver of certainty.


That all engulfing cloud of doubt extends to all aspects of your life. You start wondering about the consequences of everything you do. At one point, it passes the barrier of self doubt too. Just one little decision spirals out into an uncontrollable mess much beyond the comprehension of not just you, but everyone around.

The bigger question, however, is – what defines right? And what defines wrong? Does being wrong make it not right? Does being right make it not wrong?

People from ancient China have always had the concept of yin and yang – the notion that every good has a little bad and every bad has a little good. These two are in constant interaction with each other. Dichotomy within dichotomy. Every decision coming with its virtues and vices. Each culture has had concepts like blessing in disguise and for the greater good in some form or another. And those are fair thoughts.

But does that really hold true? That is the question which i keep asking myself. Ironically, facing that duality again. And while many claim that there is always a third option, i beg to differ.

There is dichotomy. But that is easily mistaken for polarity. The word by definition need not stand for opposites. In fact, actual dicots are very much alike in almost every sense. Which brings me to the point.

Maybe there is no rigid right and absolute wrong. Every decision, after all, is right for one and wrong for another. Every thing has some consequences which we bear with. So how is this for a thought.

When it comes to decisions, there is no absolute separation, no black or white. It is just our perception. Everything floats in a sea of grey, changing shades as we change the way we look at them.


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