Why Still?

I know this is not my style of writing. Neither is it my current emotional state. An old poem. Doesn’t feel as profound as it used to anymore. But still feels good enough to share. Oh and yes, it is cheesy as hell


Why still doing
The duties no longer yours
Why still searching
for keys to broken doors

Why still repeat
What is not meant to be
Why still ignore
what everyone can see

Why still persist
When all was ripped apart
Why still? Why?
Asked my broken heart

Quietly nodding
my smiling soul replied
Not so easy
To forget the nights i cried

Not oblivious
To the wounds yet to heal
Not forgetting
The misery she made me feel

Not defending
All the things that went wrong
Just respecting
The times we couldn’t prolong

Happy i am
For the greatest gift from her
Just repaying
For the incredible adventure

Happy i am
Because, even if for a while,
My slight pain
Brings up her beautiful smile



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