Thank you mumma

Well, there will be so many quotes today about how everyone has the best mothers and how everyone loves them so much. I am not an exception to the rule. Honestly, this is more or less exactly those same things being said in a different way. First things first, happy mother’s day. And now i will move to saying simple things in these extremely long emotional and serious paragraphs. So, umm, deal with it people. Here it goes.


I love my mumma. More than anything in the world. And that includes my computer, my camera and basically anything which is of any value to me. Jokes aside now, she is one of the closest persons to me. And the best part is, she plays so many parts in my life, i hardly feel like i am missing out on any of that.

She is at times the typical indian mother, pestering me about food, asking me to clean up, getting worried at the tiniest of things and panicking if i get scratched by a feather. Waking up early so i can have a breakfast of my choice. Spoiling me at every possible opportunity, making me feel special for existing and fixing things i don’t even know are wrong in my life.

She is also like my elder sister at times, teasing me about my love life and then giving me advice on the same, fiercely defending me in front of others and later scolding me when we are alone for the mistake and making me feel normal when i am at my most vulnerable while giving me space when she knows i need some.

We don’t have the typical mother and son relation. And that is the best part of it. All through the 15 or so conscious years of my life, i never felt i was living in a household of 5 as the only child. She is my shoulder to lean on. She is the person i can always confide in. She is the one who always has my back. She is my partner in so many crimes (not going to mention the crime for safety purposes).

The things she does for me everyday make me feel like i am in a fairy tale. And to be honest, she is nothing less than a fairy because fairies don’t have wings in real life. Fairies make you realise that you do :’)


3 thoughts on “Thank you mumma

  1. The feeling are from the heart.
    Very well expressed .
    I am proud of your writing skill.
    Your mother deserve more praises then this.
    She is a perfect mother .
    You are lucky to have Dr. Punita Singh as a caring and loving mother.
    I rate her very high for her commitments, dedication and duties performed at office and home.
    Love you all.
    God bless.


    1. Thank you ….hubby.
      i am overwhelmed today. I appreciate kind words and your generous opinion.
      To be candid, I couldnt have travelled so far, without your constant support and motivation. Thanks for always being there.
      Just like you, puru did not believe in cards and similar nautanki, which i did miss at times πŸ™‚ What i got today , is most precious πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you my son….
    you have made this day very very special and memorable for me.
    How beautifully have you described our relationship and bonding,
    truely simple things, and yet, precious thoughts coming straight from the core of your heart.
    I am a proud mumma of a worthy son.
    let me share today, l adore you as an independent individual and a good human being who is humble, caring and understanding. I have complete trust in you and I am confident that you can deal with all ups and downs in life. Your mumma is always there for you….
    My little angel, I quite like this new role and name called ‘ fairy ‘ πŸ™‚
    I wish and pray to almighty , may this fairy tale carry on till eternity

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