A guitar’s perspective – 1

Hi. You guys have probably heard me. I am a simple guy. Not too shabby and not even a little exorbitant. Rest of my brethren are actually making quite a name for themselves. The title probably took all the fun out of the ‘mystery’ of who I am, right? Anyways, I am a Guitar. Dark complexion. Slightly on the chubby side. Singer by profession. Little older than 7 human years. That is more or less 35 in guitar years.

Now enough about me. Lets talk about my most prized possession, my eccentric and quiet 18 year old human. So much to say about him. After all, he has been with me for almost all my life! Imagine that. We met in the shop. He was just a little taller than I was. And boy did I give him a hard time. I never did what he wanted me to do. Even bit him on the finger tips! Why shouldn’t I? He doesn’t own me. He couldn’t even keep me in tune. How can someone sing well without being in tune? That’s so bad on the ears.

Then I met sir. He really used to take care of me, fixing my tuning as soon as we would meet and then singing along with me. I absolutely loved that. Why can’t that brat do the same? Hey, stop judging me. I am just being honest. That is how it felt back then. Spending time with him was awesome. He would even praise my voice sometimes. Used to give me the shivers back then. Sadly, I had to return to my human and well, you can probably figure out the rest.

I think we had been together for a couple of weeks. That was when, for the first time, I felt like responding to his requests. He took me out in his room. He never did that. Sir asked him to, but he never bothered. I could tell that day was different. That determination in his eyes. He didn’t seem to care how much I tried to dissuade him. Kept going. Kept trying. And for once, I sang the way he wanted. It honestly felt nice. Maybe this was not a bad idea. He was struggling with controlling me, but considering his effort, I lent him a hand (don’t tell him please). For once, I was happy to help the poor kid out.

He was really happy after that. Wanted me to sing in front of his mom. I didn’t prepare for that. I panicked. Why are you laughing? Stage fright happens to everyone. Just, let me continue, ok? So, as anyone can guess, it didn’t go as planned. And I could see I had let my human down. I was quite sad too. She didn’t seem to care. She loved it. And that is when she instantly became my favorite person. After that, I never had any problems in front of her. Partly because I knew she will smile and be happy no matter what I sing (hate to admit it, but I was not that good at that time either) and partly because singing in front of her was the best feeling ever.

Three months passed. Things felt like they were going in the right direction. My human was on much better terms with me. I was learning new songs and was genuinely happy. I didn’t realise how important and essential all those irritating qualities of the little boy were to my existence. Maybe he didn’t feel the same way. Why, you ask? Because one fine day, when I was expecting to come out of my bag, all set for some practice, no one came. I waited. And kept waiting. Swinging between sadness, anger and guilt. I didn’t want this to end on such a low note. But after a while, I had pretty much given up on ever reliving those moments again.

Ok. Enough sadness for one post. I can already hear the boos for the cliffhanger. Cant help it guys. This is how it actually happened. And if I can wait 6 years for the next part, I am sure as hell you can locate or wait for the next part. So, yeah… where was I? Obviously I am here outside my bag talking to you guys, so the dramatic end is sort of not working out in the story telling sense. Regardless, i will see you guys in a while. Ciao


One thought on “A guitar’s perspective – 1

  1. Oh boy! I loved reading what I wrote…
    To be candid, I don’t know what to say…and yes,. you know how to touch hearts…


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