Well, a whole lot of this blog is about me finding who i am. So this section already feels a bit redundant. But i do have a vague picture. So here it goes.

Student. Teenager. In love with things which have nothing to do with each other –

[Technology, Guitar, Singing, Photography, Psychology, Science, Superheroes, Video Games, Football, <insert other random related and unrelated fields>]

Introvert at heart. Extrovert everywhere else.

Part time Insomniac. And Full time Over Analyzer.

In a nutshell, That’s me!

When I sit alone with nothing better to do, my brain starts twitching. Wanting to erupt ideas and thoughts which are far too many to number. Those ideas mingle with each other and before I know it, I’m lost. While clawing my way back to reality, some ideas seem senseless but at the same time, some stick.

This blog is all about all those ideas. All the perceptions i hold. All the questions i have. And all the answers i can think of.