Singing the heart out

As much as i relish being in the spotlight, the introvert within me still finds it extremely hard to build up that confidence. A million incoherent thoughts race through my head and the reality manages to fade to the backdrop. Life doesn’t pause. I wish it did. It only hastens. The time to perform comes faster by the minute. The moment of truth. The part where i cannot go wrong. Even after multiple flawless practices, the fears always manage to creep in.

Restlessly, i stroll around. Finding one place to sit, before deciding on abandoning it for another. Paranoid about my stuffy nose making me sound weird, some intense runs to the bathroom take place. My face wouldn’t show a glimpse of the turmoil inside as i look at it in there. Good. Better in than out. Couple of deep breaths, a sip of water to ease my rusty aching throat, and a few steps later, i find myself in front of them all. I had this little speech prepared in my head about the amazing singers of these songs. But it was drowned out as soon as my mouth opened. As i tried to figure out the first words, my hands went on autopilot, forcing me to keep up with their frantic pace.

(Here is the entire performance)

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A guitar’s perspective – 1

Hi. You guys have probably heard me. I am a simple guy. Not too shabby and not even a little exorbitant. Rest of my brethren are actually making quite a name for themselves. The title probably took all the fun out of the ‘mystery’ of who I am, right? Anyways, I am a Guitar. Dark complexion. Slightly on the chubby side. Singer by profession. Little older than 7 human years. That is more or less 35 in guitar years.

Now enough about me. Lets talk about my most prized possession, my eccentric and quiet 18 year old human. So much to say about him. After all, he has been with me for almost all my life! Imagine that. We met in the shop. He was just a little taller than I was. And boy did I give him a hard time. I never did what he wanted me to do. Even bit him on the finger tips! Why shouldn’t I? He doesn’t own me. He couldn’t even keep me in tune. How can someone sing well without being in tune? That’s so bad on the ears.

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Thank you mumma

Well, there will be so many quotes today about how everyone has the best mothers and how everyone loves them so much. I am not an exception to the rule. Honestly, this is more or less exactly those same things being said in a different way. First things first, happy mother’s day. And now i will move to saying simple things in these extremely long emotional and serious paragraphs. So, umm, deal with it people. Here it goes.


I love my mumma. More than anything in the world. And that includes my computer, my camera and basically anything which is of any value to me. Jokes aside now, she is one of the closest persons to me. And the best part is, she plays so many parts in my life, i hardly feel like i am missing out on any of that.

She is at times the typical indian mother, pestering me about food, asking me to clean up, getting worried at the tiniest of things and panicking if i get scratched by a feather. Waking up early so i can have a breakfast of my choice. Spoiling me at every possible opportunity, making me feel special for existing and fixing things i don’t even know are wrong in my life.

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